A Special Note to Veterans

Hello all:

Veterans may be eligible for Acupuncture care through the Community Care program. Check with your provider if you meet the eligibility requirements for Community care services for a Community Care specialty provider. If so, as a veteran, you have a right to request Acupuncture directly. You may choose Acupuncture instead of other types of treatment. Just discuss with your primary care physician within the VA let them know that you prefer Acupuncture care rather than treatments with medication or other types of care.

In most cases, you must first meet the eligibility requirements to avoid being billed and then request a particular type of care and a then specific practitioner. We are treating increasing numbers of veterans now as they become aware of the new services and take advantage of their rights and privileges under the Community care system. Remember to ask directly for acupuncture and our office particularly for a quicker response.

Thank you

Robert C. Wright, Ph.D., L.Ac.
(707) 255-5124